Home Health FAQ’s

Q: Do you have nurses or therapists that speaks other languages? Because my mother cannot speak and understand English
A: Yes we do have nurses and therapists that speaks other languages and we can also provide interpreters if needed.

Q: Can you also bring my father to his doctor’s appointments?
A: Sorry but we are not licensed to transport patients, but we can assist in providing information to you on options for transportation.

Q: Is there a co-pay for your services?
A: If your Insurance is straight Medicare or Medical, there is no-copay for our services because your admission to our care will need to also meet their qualifying criteria for home health services. Other insurances such as HMO, PPO or Workers Compensation would depend on the coverage that you have.

Q: My mother will only need a home health aide, can you help her with that?
A: Sorry but we cannot provide our services if what you need is a home health aide only. We are a Home Health agency licensed to provide skilled intermittent care. The must be a need for nursing as provided by our RN’s or PT for a patient to be qualified to receive home health aide services.

Q: Do you also cover the prescriptions or medications?
A: We are not a licensed pharmacy, we only provide services by RN’s, LVN’s, PT, OT, ST, MSW, RD & HHA

Q: If a patient is admitted to your agency, do I still have to bring her to a Lab office when her doctor orders lab?
A: Yes, If we have the Physician’s order for the specific lab, and it is possible for us to get the specimen, it is a supplemental to the skilled visit that we do for our patients.

Q: Do you do IV infusion in the home?
A: Yes we also do home IV infusion in coordination with an IV pharmacy and with a Physician’s order.

Q: Can I receive home health services even if I don’t have a doctor?
A: We can only provide our services to you if you have a doctor or primary care physician. We work and provide our services under the supervision of your doctor.

Q: If I don’t have insurance coverage but I am willing to pay out of my own pocket, can you admit me under your care?
A: Yes, we do accept private pay patients, but always with a physician order and a supervising physician to whom we will report your care.